Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HERS Index?

The HERS Index is a national rating system used to measure energy efficiency. In a nutshell, the lower the home’s HERS score, the higher its energy efficiency. In many areas, HERS-rated homes are becoming a consumer expectation as more consumers become aware of the benefits of energy efficient homes – including lower utility bills, increased comfort and safety, improved indoor air quality, greater energy security, diminished environmental impact and increased resale value. Homebuyers are beginning to demand these homes in the same way they expect certain features, such as efficient appliances and “smart” technology.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that houses built in line with today’s energy code use 30 percent less energy than older homes. Many builders today are building homes that use 70 percent less energy than existing homes. HERS raters, hired by builders to assess a home’s energy efficiency, are a valuable resource to builders. But HERS raters are not one-size-fits-all, and builders need tools and guidance to help them select the right rater for their ongoing needs.

How does a builder that hires an EnergyPro Exchange member benefit?

Large construction firms with multiple divisions in disparate locations tend to hire local providers to achieve cost efficiencies. At the same time, they must constantly seek ways to maintain consistency of quality, meet building codes and standards, and mitigate risk and liability – all with an eye toward maintaining their company brand and reputation for building solidly built, beautiful homes. Of course, all of this takes place in the context of running a business and paying close attention to the bottom line.

A builder with multiple divisions may hire 25 different HERS raters – and will unfortunately get 25 different results. When this happens, quality assurance as a company standard quickly gets compromised. There are many examples illustrating the frustration builders experience with the state of consistency and quality among their HERS raters. The need to gain consistency, elevate quality and ensure integrity is a pressing issue for quality-conscious builders

How does EPX elevate the national standard for quality?

EPX members know the U.S. builder market. They understand the challenges builders face. And they have the expertise, knowledge and experience required to address builders’ needs when it comes to building energy efficient homes.

EPX members are able to claim an industry leadership role that no other organization can. Several members are accredited training providers of the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and have participated in the development of national energy efficiency code standards – lending credibility and substance to EPX’s assertion that, as an organization, it not just meets but exceeds industry standards.

EPX members have signed a group promise to deliver only the best HERS rating services to America’s home builders. That means they uphold the highest principles in data consistency and integrity, builder risk and liability mitigation, and professionalism when serving clients. Their signatory agreement carries the added power of long-standing business relationships with the country’s biggest builders and the top 20 Leading Builders of America. And having won national awards for their work, EPX members are critically recognized for their commitment to excellent service, integrity and leadership.

What is the value of EPX?

Member organizations understand why they joined EPX. They see value in working with builders to make better purchasing decisions that lead to optimal value for their HERS rating dollar and reduced exposure to liability. They value the chance to share innovative ideas and best practices about energy efficiency with peers so they can improve their own products and services. And through EPX, they have exclusive participation in a business incubator to develop new industry processes and solutions – opening the door to innovative growth and leadership within the energy efficiency sector as a whole.

EPX Members

Currently, the collaborative comprises 7 EPX members and 4 Industry Partners.  EPX members serve most major U.S. markets.

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Industry Partners

The breadth and depth of EPX’s expertise reaches beyond the direct resources of its members. By tapping into the support of major corporations including Huber Engineered Woods, Panasonic, and Carrier Corporation, EPX has access to a host of research and development resources, industry training and education, and financial support. In turn, EPX members offer technical field support on behalf of the partners and their products, as well as energy efficiency-related training and education.

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