About Us

For residential builders who are concerned about delivering the highest-quality final product with a high performance-to-cost ratio, choosing the right home energy rating system (HERS) provider is as important as selecting the right engineer or architect.

Some of our EPX members at a group dinner in Denver, CO.

Builders who place a high value on structural integrity and design also recognize the importance of building energy efficiently for greater long-term durability, comfort, safety and other values consumers expect in a home.

However, builders are learning that not all energy-efficient homes are created equal, and may need help finding a HERS rater who will meet the high caliber of service and integrity they expect from their vendors.

EnergyPro Exchange (EPX) is a national collaboration of the country’s top HERS companies, serving as a resource to residential builders in major metropolitan areas across the U.S. As the only collaborative of its kind, EPX delivers sophisticated guidance and expert knowledge about building to national HERS standards and beyond – with a commitment to helping builders achieve success in constructing energy efficient homes and reducing risk exposure.

What Does it Mean to be an EnergyPro Exchange Member?

EnergyPro Exchange (EPX) members work hard to build the best companies possible.  Together, we study business accumen, conduct market research, and share best practices.  Our group is strong becuase we hold each other to a higher standard.  Learn more about EPX member companies.

We add to our expertise by inviting Industry Partners to join us.  Their insight pushes us to challenger our assumptions and understand the industry in a different light.  EPX believes collaboration with product or service-focused, energy-efficiency minded partners can be of great mutual benefit.  It allows for Industry Partners to gain valuable insight into the functionality, desirability and performance of their products and services from an unbiased perspective.  For the EPX Members, the collaboration provides the opportunity to access products, share information across EPX membership and to stay current on developments and trends.  It also it provides the ability to better serve the end client – the builders – with a broader perspective than just the local experience.  Our current Industry Partners are such as Panasonic,  Huber Engineered WoodsCarrier Corporation and Johns Manville.

From monthly conference calls to bi-annual three day meetings, we invest in our relationships, our organizations, and leading our industry.